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DASA: Demographic & Social Analysis

This guide is intended for use by new DASA students - the 2022/23Entering Class

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The Mission of ICPSR


ICPSR is an organization of member institutions working together to acquire and preserve social science data, to provide open and equitable access to these data, and to promote effective data use. ICPSR promotes and facilitates research and instruction in the social sciences and related areas by acquiring, developing, archiving, and disseminating data and documentation for instruction and research and by conducting related instructional programs.

  • Archiving Social Science Data. A strategic undertaking of ICPSR is the acquisition and long-term preservation of social science data, recognizing and taking into consideration increases in the volume of data and changes in technology for archiving, processing, documenting, and distributing data.

  • Open and Equitable Access. By working with its member institutions, producers of data, funding agencies, and the social science research community, ICPSR seeks to provide access to the data it archives that is as open as possible. ICPSR supports the goal of equitable access to data for research and teaching activities.

  • Promoting the Effective Use of Data. ICPSR is committed to supporting the effective use of data resources through acquiring, maintaining, and developing comprehensive documentation, and by providing consultation and training on the nature of data collections, as well as on analytic techniques and methodologies.

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