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Information resources for UCI students, faculty, and staff interested in the field of history.

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Digital Humanities Subject Guide

This page is designed to give historians an idea what is going on in the field of Digital History / Humanities. Please see the Digital Humanities Subject Guide for further information.

Digital History

What is digital history?

"Digital history might be understood broadly as an approach to examining and representing the past that works with the new communication technologies of the computer, the internet network, and software systems. On one level, digital history is an open arena of scholarly production and communication, encompassing the development of new course materials and scholarly data collection efforts. On another level, digital history is a methodological approach framed by the hypertextual power of these technologies to make, define, query, and annotate associations in the human record of the past." Douglas Seefeldt & William G. Thomas

“Digital humanities is the combination of technical competencies in computing with critical thinking in areas such as history, literary criticism, cultural studies, textual studies, media studies, geography, musicology, and information studies.” -Jentery Sayers, professor at the University of Victoria

Websites, Centers, Organizations, and Associations

Places to go to find out more about Digital History.

Books, Articles, and Journals

Readings on Digital History.

Digital Projects

View some interesting Digital History projects.