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Digital Humanities : Getting Started in DH


Introduction to DH

What is digital humanities? You may be interested in reviewing the book chapter "Day of DH: Defining the Digital Humanities," which collects a series of nuanced definitions from a variety of academics. (From Debates in the Digital Humanities, 2012)

Digital Humanities - Jeffrey Schnapp

Keep Up to Date!

Digital Humanities Now is an experimental, edited publication that highlights and distributes informally published digital humanities scholarship and resources from the open web. Since 2009, DHNow has been refining processes of aggregation, discovery, curation, and review to open and extend conversations about the digital humanities research and practice.

Digital Scholarship Services at UCI Libraries

Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) at UCI Libraries is here to help! DSS fosters the use of digital content and transformative technology in scholarship and academic activities. We work with the campus community to publish, promote, and preserve the digital products of research at UCI.

Get Involved at UCI!


The UCI Digital Humanities Exchange (DHX) explores formats for digital work that respond to local institutional culture, research strengths, regional opportunities, national trends, and resource realities. Approaching the digital culture of scholarly work with a sense of adventure, UCI DHX participants explore and implement new tools for collaboration, research and publication in the humanities, encouraging experimentation and creative play with digital, social media and computing tools. The Digital Humanities Exchange regards digital technology not as an end in itself, but as a means toward building depth, synergy, and visibility for UCI’s humanities research enterprises.

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Please reach out with any questions! The Digital Scholarship Services team is here to help you.



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