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Film and Media Studies

This guide provides an introduction to resources that support research in film and media studies, primarily through a humanities lens. It includes links and tools for articles, books, films, dissertations, and more!

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Connecting to Library Resources

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Need Research Help?

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Getting Started with Film and Media Studies research

Reference sources are resources such as encyclopedias and handbooks that help you get started with a research topic or area of study that might be new to you. They are useful because they provide you with topical overviews that are (1) shorter than scholarly articles and (2) written a in language that is meant for novice researchers learning about a new topic. The often contain a list of suggested sources for further reading and engagement as well. In addition, consulting reputable annotated bibliographies is a smart strategy for starting your research because they provide comprehensive lists of secondary sources (articles, books, journals, etc.) that will help you identify both scholars and key resources for your area of study. On this page, you'll find resources for various types of reference sources in Film and Media Studies, but know that there are many more available depending on your topic, and you can always make an appointment with the visual arts librarian for more help

Writing Resource: A Short Guide to Writing About Film

Annotated Bibliographies


Handbooks are intended to provide introductory information on a topic. Here are some great examples that cover various areas within the broad discipline of film and media studies:

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

General Reference Sources