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Research Data Management: Home


Data curation is the active management of data to maintain and extend its value over time.  It includes effectively organizing data for access, documenting context for reproducibility, and securely preserving the physical integrity of the work.

What Can DSS Do

The UCI Libraries Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) fosters the use of digital content and transformative technology in scholarship and academic activities. DSS works with the campus community to publish, promote, and preserve the digital products of research in several areas. DSS can help you with all stages of data management required by funding agencies:

  • Write grant winning Data Management Plans
  • Deposit data into repositories for access and preservation
  • Capture metadata to allow re-use
  • Create permanently resolvable hyperlinks
  • Connect your data with your publications

Research Computing Support

Available to all members of the UCI research community (faculty, staff, students) to promote awareness of and provide assistance with campus information technology resources as they facilitate scholarly research.  Read more...

Campus OIT provides the following services:

  • High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)
  • Geographic Information Systems and Support
  • Linux and Bioinformatics Training
  • Storage
  • IT Resources for Researchers

People to know:

  • Allen Schiano, Director | | (949) 824-2829
  • Joseph Farran, HPC Lead, HPC Architect, Sys Admin | | (949) 824-5551
  • Harry Mangalam, HPC Storage Admin, Bioinformatics Expert | |(949) 824-0084

Handling sensitive or restricted data

We welcome inquries of any nature; however, in most cases we will refer you to the Security Team of UCI Office of Information Technology. These contacts are most useful:

  1. Isaac Straley (OIT): Chief Information Security Officer, Risk and Compliance,, (949) 824-1471
  2. Josh Drummond (OIT): Chief Information Security Officer, Technolgy & Operations,, (949) 824-9574
  3. Charles Podesta (UCI Medical Center): Information Security Officer,, (714) 456-6818
  4. Adrian Petrisor (Libraries): Information Security Coordinator for Libraries,, (949) 824-2075

See also:

Research Cyberinfrastructure Center

The Research Cyberinfrastructure (RCI) Center serves as a focal point and service center for accessing, providing, coordinating and enhancing research Information Technology facilities and services at UCI.  The RCIC was created in response to the recommendations of the 2015/16 UCI RCI Vision Workgroup.

RCI is a term adopted by the National Science Foundation and others to reflect the range of information and computing capabilities and expertise used in support of research.  Computational and data-enabled science is key to modern research and scholarship. National attention to the topic continues to grow; as an example, the National Academies recently published a report of recommendations to the NSF on advanced computing infrastructure.

UCI RCI services include the HPC, Campus Research Storage Pool, and Secure Research Environment Pilot Service.

Full list of Services: