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UPPP 292A Urban Planning Professional Report - 2023-2024

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General Hints

  1. Study issue contextually
  2. Consider who the client is - do research on the client as well as the topic
  3. Use specific geography on local basis - may occasionally be too restrictive and you will have to apply the context to the local situation
  4. Consider how you are going to describe content - with data, spatial analysis, GIS, mapping, images, via interviews, etc.  You may have to obtain permissions for some information so plan accordingly.
  5. Cite literature liberally and consistently using a format that supports many kinds of information - i.e.) APA, etc. - the 2020 or 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is at all Reference Desks at BF 76.7 P83 2020, with hints found here
  6. Consider using some method of bibliographic management software (BMS) for organizing citations and references, creating other options for organizing images, and being able to easily generate footnotes, and bibliographies according to specific bibliographic formats and styles
  7. Activate & regenerate your UCI photo ID which now serves as a copy card so that you can print and copy at any of the Libraries or IT centers on campus - prices may vary for different functions from site to site
  8. Think about ways to present your information


Specific hints to support individual topics

Highly encourage everyone to use the Urban Planning & Public Policy (UP3) Research Guide where many resources are annotated and for which there are links.  These hints will get you started with databases and a proposed research strategy.  Please contact a librarian for additional assistance.   However what will refine your searches to a higher level of relevancy is the specific location or geography you are focusing on, and the populations you want to serve - the elderly, etc; and the conditions you are most interested in.  What is the problem you are addressing - a specific issue will beg for specific coverage.

Environment / Food Policy

1.UCI FRESH Basic Needs Hub - houselessness/homelessness, food insecurity & basic needs among college students & young adults - a student led non-profit;   Databases include:  Local News - OC Register, LA Times; Academic Search Complete; Sustainability Science Abstracts; Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Database; Education Fulltext; Agricola

2. Irvine Ranch Water District - San Joaquin March Ecosystems  - Resources include Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Database; Water Resources Abstracts; BIOSIS; Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS)

Housing/Community Development

3. City Fabrick in Long Beach - non-profit multidisciplinary design studio reshaping communities in need through collaborative public-interest design, planning, policy development & advocacy. Resources include: Urban Studies Abstracts, Urban Land Institute reports; Business Source Complete; Academic Search Complete; PolicyMap. 

4.  Los Angeles County - green infrastructure & sustainability guidelines (beaches & harbors), Public Works, transportation, Information Technology, Public Works - different departments; Resources include: LA County documents; Urban Studies Abstracts; PAIS; Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Database; Sustainability Science Abstracts; GreenFile;

Transportation and Urban Planning

5.  Fallbrook Planning Committee, San Diego County - Active Transportation and Land Use - TRB publications; ASCE Digital Library; Transport; Urban Studies Abstracts; Academic Search Complete; Scopus; Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Database

6..  Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) - Light Rail Planing, Land Use and Transit Oriented Development/Communities -  TRB Publications; ASCE Digital Library; Transport; Urban Studies Abstracts; Academic Search Complete; Scopus; Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Database

7.. City of Anaheim, CA - Themed design experience & Tourism - Resources include:  Business Source Complete; Academic Search Complete; Factiva; Urban Studies Abstracts, Journal of Planning Literature, Google Scholar, Scopus and Web of Science.  Also compare to information retrieved from web on Orlando, FL (celebrating 50th anniversary of Disney in 2021).   Search strategy refined by subtopics increase relevancy.  May have to draw on other cities' experiences and findings to apply to Long Beach scenario.  For historical materials - visit UCI Special Collections, Orange County Public Library - Anaheim Branch; major commercial firms such as

Outline of Professional Report

Make sure that your final draft contains the following components:

  1. Title page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. List of Tables and Figures
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Introduction
  6. Research Question or Problem Statement, Significance and Objectives
  7. Background or Literature Review
  8. Main body of report including appropriate subsections, data & methods, analysis & findings
  9. Planning Recommendations
  10. Conclusion
  11. References
  12. Appendices (as needed)

Citation Styles & Writing Guides

You will want to make sure that your final paper complies with a standard citation style.  Most Social Ecology submissions are made following APA format.  Please practice consistency and consult appropriate resources listed below.  See Citation Management Guide