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UPPP 292A Urban Planning Professional Report - 2023-2024

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Data Sources & Statistics

Data Sources and Statistics are different types of resources and can be used to explain or interpret ideas and conclusions.  They are issued often by government sources or agencies, public opinion surveys, polling, and interviews.  They are also published and  released commercially.  They can be compared from year to year, by different elements or locations of geography, and can be analyzed, interpreted and applied by using additional tools such as GIS, mapping, creating charts, tables, graphs to illustrate relationships and comparisons. 


Some general sources include:

Europa WorldPlus

Statistical Abstract of the United States


Lexis Nexis Statistical Universe

American Factfinder - for census data

California Statistical Abstract


Subject Guides with many relevant resources listed on them - highly recommended to consult:

DASA - Demography & Social Analysis Subject Guide

Social Science Data Archive Subject Guide

Public Opinion Subject Guide

GIS Subject Guide

United States Government Information

Inter-Governmental Organizations

Finding and Managing Images Subject Guide

Maps & Mapping

The UCI Library does not have a formal map collection but it does have the following maps of Orange County: topographical maps, aerial photography (ask at the LL Ref Desk), city maps (Thomas Bros & AAA - ask at the LL Ref Desk), and a large atlas collection of specialized, historical and thematic atlases which are listed in ANTPAC.

Also, consult resources for GIS mapping and data sources - ask Julia for additional directions for software.

Resources that are of particular importance include: