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UPPP 292A Urban Planning Professional Report - 2020-21: Find Books

To support culminating project/thesis

Library of Congress Classification Schedule - Call Numbers






The location of book material is dependent upon the call number which is driven by the Library of Congress Classification Schedule.  The following call numbers correspond to the subject areas and can be browsed physically in the libraries or online in LIBRARY SEARCH by "Call Number."  Located in the Langson Library (LL) & Science Library (SL),  there are a variety of relevant resources that can be found and consulted.  The is a growing number of electronic resources, eBooks, Government Information Sources, visual images, and of course journals and conference papers/proceedings.   Increasingly many traditional print reference items now can be borrowed and are in the Library Stacks.  Arrangement is by call number and you can browse and search the following areas:


                       BF 353 – environmental psychology


                        F 1250 – California statistics & demographics


                        G 70s - Green building (SL)


                        GE - Environmental Sciences (SL)


GF 125 – urban geography


HC – environmental economics


HD – 593 – land use


HD 9696 - Information Technology, Telecommunications


HE 305-311 - transportation


HT 165-167 - housing


HT 168-169 – planned communities


HT 170-178 – urban renewal


HT 390-395 – regional planning


KF 3775 – environmental law and zoning


KFC 811– California law and zoning


NA 9000 – architecture and design, Regional Science


TD 194  & TH 380s– sustainable development, sustainability (SL)


TX 355 – construction & environmental design (SL)


Finding Books & eBooks

There are different methods to find books at the UCI Libraries and they come in both print and electronic format.  There are also very many new eBooks and collections and individual titles are included in Library Search.  Some additional sources of verifying books in print or forthcoming books may be valuable.

eBooks are all listed in Library Search.  Access to eBooks in MELVYL are usually restricted to the holding libraries and can not always be shared.  Check the next boxes for specific information about eBooks collections and eReference resources.


FINDING BOOKS and EBOOKS:  Regardless of the format in print or eBooks, you will search Library Holdings in Catalogs such as those mentioned in the previous box that notes the Online Public Access Catalogs (opacs) and by collections, and by individual titles or authors to locate specific books.  Some collections are publisher specific and are noted below.

E-Books - as noted there are an increasing number of eBooks to which you have access and most can be read, downloaded and copied at the chapter level. They are all listed in ANTPAC and MELVYL and Next Gen MELVYL by individual title and by series. There are many collections of such resources and the collections can be searched collectively


Finding information in online sources is increasingly the norm.  There are general and specialized encyclopedias that serve as points of departure; handbooks and tools and eBooks.  All individual titles are found in ANTPAC.

Liaison Librarian

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Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Use Library Search

Find books, government documents, maps and more ...

How to use Library Search? Ask a UC Librarian Feed Back

Interlibrary Loan

The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service enables UC students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries that are not available at the UCI Library. Please check Library Search before requesting an ILL.  The easiest and most expeditious way to submit ILL requests is via MELVYL Request.

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