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UPPP 292A Urban Planning Professional Report - 2023-2024

To support culminating project/thesis

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Evaluating Information

Internet Resources – identifying the most appropriate search engine will direct you to Internet resources.  In citing the source, always note the full title, URL, and the date at which you last consulted the web-site.

Data Centric - today it is more critical to supply data as evidence for proposals and advocacy - opinions, survey information; etc.
Evaluating sources - criteria should reflect:

a. Audience - think of this very carefully when you are preparing this for a client - consider what other information they have already reviewed or found; also may determine what format for your paper/presentation you choose (may want to read some reports prepared by consultants)

b. Authority Control - refers to authorship

c. Purpose

d. Objectivity

e. Currency & Timeliness

f. Coverage & Scope

g. Accuracy - Verification

h. Relevancy