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UC Library Search Help

The UC Library Search help guide.

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Welcome to UC Library Search

Image of UC Library Search content including an image of a building for UCI Libraries, an image of the state of California for All UC Libraries, and an image of a globe for Worldcat - Beyond UC Libraries

What is UC Library Search?

UC Library Search is a tool that lets you search for print and electronic resources from UCI Libraries, all UC Libraries, and beyond. With UC Library Search, you can:

  • limit your search to the UCI campus library collection;
  • search the collections of all 10 UC libraries in the same system;
  • locate the full text of millions of print and online books, journal articles, and other content; and
  • borrow and renew materials from any library in the UC system.

Learn more about specific features of UC Library Search on the Using UC Library Search page.

Need to search a specific database instead? Explore UCI's Databases A-Z list or research guides for help.

For more information, please see the UC Library Search FAQ Page.



I can't access a library resource. Am I using the VPN?

Click on the "Test My VPN Connection" button  ➔

This tests your IP range. It determines if you're using the VPN that's configured for you to access library resources: 

If you get a message that you are OFF the UCI IP range, follow these instructions to set up and configure your VPN.

I am using the VPN, but I cannot access a library resource.

Make sure your VPN is configured to access library resources:

  • Group [dropdown menu] should be set to: UCIFull
  • Ready to Connect box address should be: The addresses and will not work for library resources.


I am using the VPN, but I cannot access a known database from a Google search.

Enter databases by searching the database name in UC Library Search, on a relevant research guide, or the Databases A-Z list. Many subscription databases will not be directly accessible in a web search even if you are on the VPN. 

  • Some databases have a special URL that is specific to UCI, i.e. not the URL from Google.
  • Databases may promote content via Google that is not part of our academic subscription.


I logged onto the VPN to access a resource, but still cannot access the resource.

Log into the VPN before opening a browser, or log into the VPN and restart a browser. A website on an already-open browser might not recognize that you just joined a VPN. If you tried to access a resource before you configured the VPN correctly, your browser might have cached (i.e. stored) the webpage that prompts you to log in. If you can access other library resources but not that one resource, try the following:

  • Clear your browser's cache.
  • Visit the resource from a browser set to incognito/private mode. 
  • Visit the resource from a different browser. 

If it has been a while since you logged into the VPN, close and restart the application.


I am searching for a journal article but cannot find it in UC Library Search.

If you have the full citation, you can try searching the journal title in UC Library Search instead of the article title. When you find the journal record, it will include for what years and in which databases we have e-access (or list print volumes). While we do have access to millions of journal articles, journals may embargo (not make available immediately) newer issues, may not have digitized a specific year, or we may just not have access to a specific journal and the article will need to be requested through Interlibrary Loan.


For additional troubleshooting questions or for immediate search support, please use our Ask A Librarian chat service. Additional ways to access help can be found in the boxes to the left.