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UC Library Search Help

The UC Library Search help guide.

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Advanced Search

Advanced Search is a great way to search a known title, author, or a specific collection of materials. From the UC Library Search page, you can select the Advanced Search link to the right of the search box. Advanced Search allows you to search the following specific collections, also called scopes, including:

  • Articles, books, and more
  • Library Catalog
  • Articles
  • Course Reserves
  • Special Collections & Archives

Select the appropriate radio button of the collection you want to search, use the various drop down menus to search specific fields, and add the title, author, subject, or keyword to search. Please note you can focus in on a certain format, language, and time frame as well.

Screenshot of the advanced search screen with filters to search the library catalog, a specific book title, and an author's last name.


In this example, the search is for a known book so the researcher is telling UC Library Search to search the Library Catalog scope, the Title field, the Author field, and the Material Type so that the search retrieves this specific book; the user is NOT interested in critiques, book reviews, movies, or any other material that contains the words in the title since the Simple Search would search the title as keywords. Only one result is returned, and it's the exact book the user was searching for.

Screenshot of the UC Library Search Advanced Search result, listing only one result for the exact title searched.


Comparatively, below are the search results when the title is searched as keywords in a Simple Search. While the desired book is toward the top of the results list, the search retrieved almost 281,000 results.

Screenshot of the search results when the title is searched as keywords in the simple search mode.


As mentioned above, Advanced Search allows you to search specific collections in UC Library Search, also called scopes.

  • Articles, books, and more - This scope is searching all UC resources, as well as a centralized index of citations provided by a vendor.
  • Library Catalog - This scope searches all UC resources but excludes articles and book chapters.
  • Articles - This scope searches journal articles.
  • Course Reserves - This scope searches across the material placed on course reserve.
  • Special Collections & Archives - This scope searches across material that is managed by UCI's Special Collections & Archives department.

Additional Specialized Searches

In addition UC LIbrary Search's Simple and Advanced Search modes, users can also use the menu at the top of the UC Library Search page to access:

  • Browse - Browse works by Author, Title (or the first few words of a title), Subject, Call number, or Series.
  • BrowZine - BrowZine helps scholars easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals available from your university or college library, or through Open Access publishers, covering all disciplines.
  • Journals@UCI - Search for specific journals, magazines, and newspapers by title or ISSN, or browse journals by topic.
  • Databases@UCI - Search for subscription databases by title or keyword. You can also find a list of databases by using the Databases A-Z list.

Screenshot of the menu at the top of the UC Library Search page, including Browse, BrowZine, Journals@UCI, and Databases@UCI