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Humanities Research

Research in the Humanities generally involves careful analysis and inquiry of one or more primary sources. Primary sources are original sources created at the time a historical event occurs (or possibly afterwards) and are directly associated with their creator (or user). Examples of primary sources include newspapers, photographs, letters, art, literature, film, etc.

Resources you can access anywhere: Humanities

Primary Sources

The following are examples of online collections or portals to primary sources. There are many other ways to find primary source online, such as through websites for museums, archives, etc. You may also wish to work with a physical primary source, such as a novel, an artwork, a film, etc. that you have found on your own.

Resources at UCI: Humanities

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Many of our databases take you directly to full-text scholarly articles. However, if a full-text article is not available, you can click on the Get it at UC icon for more options on how to access the articles online.

Multidisciplinary Databases

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