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Library Resources for High School and Community College: Home

How to Use the Library

How to Begin Your Research
View this tutorial for assistance in using the UCI library resources.

Find Science Information
View this tutorial for assistance in finding information related to science.

Virtual Library Tour

Suggestions for Successful Library Visits

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Who can get a UCI Library Card?

High School students are not always eligible for library cards. Only those in AP or IB classes may receive cards, and you must make arrangements with your school library/media specialist before visiting the Libraries.
Community College students may obtain library cards for a fee.
The UC Irvine Libraries do not issue library cards to Middle School students.


Welcome to the High School and Community College User Guide for library research at the University of California, Irvine. Browse through the guide using the tabs above to begin your research. Here is how the pages are laid out:

In the left column are links to library tutorials. These will help you use the parts of the library that are relevant to the page you are on.

The right column will contain links to UCI subject guides. These guides are created by UCI librarians, and consist of links to various library and internet resources on a particular subject.

The center column will link to databases and web sites that are relevant to your subject and will help you find scholarly articles.

Why Use the Library?

Though search engines like Google are great at finding quick information, they do not offer the depth and precision of library searching.

There are many reasons to use the resources found at the library:

  • The materials are reviewed and selected by professional editors and bibliographers
  • The library has access to articles that cannot be found on the internet
  • You will get new perspectives on issues other than what is popular (for the most part, Google's search algorithm sorts by number of page views)

UCI Reference Sources

Quick Reference Guide  - Contains key reference resources for writing, directories, encyclopedias, money, government info, quick facts, travel, education, geography, etc.

History Day Projects

The Libraries' History Day guide will help you locate materials for your History Day Project.