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Social Sciences Research

Research in the Social Sciences follows a systematic plan that uses specific research methods and techniques. Broadly speaking, social scientific methodology is classified as quantitative or qualitative, although there are mixed methods as well.

  • Quantitative research typically involve interpreting data through statistical analysis, and often seek to make generalizable claims based on what can be observed through the data analysis. Data sets, such as the Census or other social science data, are often important to quantitative research. Researchers may also choose to collect their own data through surveys or other means. 
  • Qualitative research might involve a range of methods such as interviews, textual analysis, visual analysis, observations, etc. The researcher interprets the data using specified methods, and seeks to describe relationships, contexts, experiences, or other phenomena. 

Social Science research typically involves conducting a literature review as a preliminary phase. The literature review establishes what scholarship has already been published on the topic at hand, and how the currently conducted research builds upon and adds to the existing scholarly conversation.  

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Social Sciences Data

There are many data sets that are available online. You should expect federally collected data such as from the Census or the Bureau of Labor Statistics to be publicly available. There are also many organizations that publish their data online. Finally, federally funded research projects in recent years are all required to publish their data publicly online. The following are just a handful of useful data sites. 

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Click on the tutorial below to learn more about how to identify sections of a scholarly article in the social sciences or sciences.

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article (from NCSU)