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Anesthesiology & Perioperative Care Subject Guide

A collection of excellent resources available to UCI anesthesiologists and students.

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Find a Book

Using UC Library Search to Find a Book

UC Library Search can be used to search across the 10 UC campus libraries in multiple ways. While you can always start your search on the UCI Libraries home page, more robust features are available on the UC Library Search page, accessible by selecting the UC Library Search button under the Quicklinks menu, or by using this UC Library Search link.

  • Simple Search allows you to search for materials by all fields using your keywords.
  • Advanced Search allows you to search by keywords, title, author, subject, call number, and/or ISBN/ISSN.
  • Browse Search allows you to browse by title, author, subject, or call number.

UC Library Search conducts very broad searches - it searches books, journal articles, media, newspapers, archives, government documents, and more across the 10 UC campuses. Once you start searching in UC Library Search, you can use various filters and search tricks to help focus or expand your search. While you can limit your search results to UCI, you can also easily request material from other campuses via interlibrary loan. Please review the videos below and use the menu to the left for more information on how to conduct your search.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables UCI students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries. For material found in UC Library Search, but not available at UCI, sign in to your library account and request it from another UC Library.

For material found in WorldCat but not UC Library Search, submit a request using the Blank ILL Request Form, available on the UCI Interlibrary Loan website.

Transfer a book between the Grunigen Medical Library (GML) and Langson/Science Libraries.


As mentioned, UC Library Search searches material across the UC campuses. If UCI's copy is checked out, or if the material is only owned by another UC, UC Library Search makes it easy to request that item from another campus through interlibrary loan. If the UC system does not own a certain item, you can follow the prompts to search WorldCat, a global library catalog, and request the material through interlibrary loan there. Please review the video below to review these processes.