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Scholarly Communication & Related Issues

Scholarly communication is the life-blood of the university’s teaching and research mission. Issues of copyright, intellectual property rights, and the long-term preservation of digital assets are posing new challenges to faculty, schools, & librarians.

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Best Practices for Fair Use in Copyright

ARL Code of Best Practices for Fair USe for Academic and Resaerch Libraries

Webinar that summarizes Fair USe for Copyrighted material. The video runs 1:00 hour.

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries, a clear and easy-to-use statement of fair and reasonable approaches to fair use to support academic inquiry and higher education. 

Fair Use Checklist - Cornell University

"A proper use of this checklist should serve two purposes. First, it should help you to focus on factual circumstances that are important in your evaluation of fair use. The meaning and scope of fair use depends on the particular facts of a given situation, and changing one or more facts may alter the analysis. Second, the checklist can provide an important mechanism to document your decision-making process. Maintaining a record of your fair use analysis can be critical for establishing good faith. You should retain a copy of the checklist in connection with each "fair use" assertion you are making in your project."

Librarian Competencies in Support of Research Data Management, Scholarly Communication, Open Access

The profiles will help library managers identify skills gaps in their institutions, form the basis of job descriptions, enable professionals to carry out self-assessments, and act as a foundation for the development of training programs. 

Important Related Resources

The UCI Scholarly Communications Website is the major source of events and news regarding publishing and data issues at UCI.