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Images: Artstor

Find digital images in online and subscription digital image collections at UC Irvine for research, teaching, and presenting.


Artstor's biggest benefits are that it provides:

1 - Approval for Academic Use:
Access to a curated image collection from reliable sources that have been rights-cleared for use in education and research (something that you can't do easily with Google Images!) Approved academic uses include things like: faculty/staff lectures; presentations; classroom handouts; research projects; course reserves; student papers & presentations. For publishing, see the IAP section on this page.

2 - High Quality Metadata:
Unlike search engines, images in Artstor come with high quality metadata from the collection catalogers, curators, institutions and artists themselves. This ensures more relevant results and more accurate information about works you discover such as the artist, title, subject matter, material, and dates.

Want to learn more? On this page:

Artstor Basic Features

Quickly download groups of images into PowerPoint presentations with each image's metadata–the work's title, artist, year, materials, and subject terms. For more tips on presentation mode and exporting an image group here are some helpful tips:


The IIIF image viewer allows you to view images full screen and to compare up to 10 items at once while zooming in on details.


You can curate groups of images for lectures and papers, access and download them from anywhere, and share them in many formats–even on your course management system. For quick tips on sharing/organizing:


Artstor Webinars Currently Being Offered: Artstor 101 On-Demand (offered until December 2021)

  • Artstor 101: Get a jump on working with Artstor! This session will teach you how to find content, make groups, and create presentations - on or offline. 45 minutes long. All you need to do is register with your name and e-mail, and the video will be available immediately.





Artstor Digital Library


Artstor + Public Collections

Browse Public Collections

Artstor offers access to +1 million freely accessible images, videos, documents, and audio files from library special collections as well as open access images from partner museums. Anyone may view and download these collections; no subscription or login required!

Artstor + Image Publishing

The Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) program makes available publication-quality images for use in scholarly publications free of charge. This service is intended for individual scholars who are working on a particular book, article, or website that meets criteria established by the museum contributors. Please consult further:

Need Artstor Help?

UCI Artstor Admin:
Jenna Dufour |

If you would like assistance or a demo of any of Artstor's feature and how to utilize this image collection, please feel free to reach out to me! 

ARtstor Technical Assistance:

You can also reach out directly to Artstor by contacting their technical assistance team: