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INF 161: Social Analysis of Computerization: Hints for Paper 1 - Technological Discourse & Sociotechnical Perspective



You will have to conduct research and write an essay that analyzes a journalistic treatment of technology and contrasts that that approach with the concept of sociotechnical research.  Your backgroup readings will help direct you to outlining what that may include.  A common definition of such research approaches includes "A research outlook that highlights the interdependence and inextricable linkages between people (sociological systems) and ICTs (technological systems), underscores the co-evolution of these systems, and emphasizes that both systems need to be jointly optimized in order to produce positive practical outcomes." (from: Ruhl, U. (2018). Towards an interdisciplinary Socio-Technical Definition of Virtual Communities, in Encyclopedia of Information Science & Technology, 4th ed.  Hershey, PA: IGI Global. For other definitions, consider these sources:

Read and cite the article you are addressing. 

Conduct research hoping to find articles or evidence that allows you to distinguish between socio-technical research perspectives and other kinds of discourse.  The following databases may offer you insights that will be useful for your persuasive arguments:

Find some images if appropriate to augment your writing from the tab that contains "Finding & Using Images."  Make sure that you cite the image.


Towards an Interdisciplinary Socio-Technical Definition of Virtual Communities