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Social Ecology Undergraduate Honors Research - SE 190A - 2022-23: Hints for Specific Projects

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Hints for Individual Students about their Projects

As we learn about your individual information needs we will post recommended sources that may be helpful in directing you to resources.  Factors such as age of subject(s), specific environment contribute to the keywords that you may use - then check the Descriptors associated with the entry for additional refinements you can make to your search strategy.  The PsycINFO Thesaurus is also online.  Use the Limits at the end of the search box to also focus your search. 

PsycINFO, Criminal Justice Abs, Social Services Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Collection, PAIS, and other databases are part of the Proquest platform and can be searched together reducing the duplicate entries however you lose the added functionality found especially in PsycINFO when you do that.

Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, CINAHL Complete, Communications Abstracts, Education Source Complete, Family & Society Studies Worldwide, ERIC, are among many databases on the EBSCO platform and can be searched concurrently and de-dup references.

Google Search will retrieve books, book chapters, journal articles and review works - make sure that you have VPN activated to search access to the source

Many of these databases contain fulltext links or will direct you to FIND at UCI so you can match content to our holdings.

The following hints are just to get you started and are not meant to be the only sources of information.

Feel free to contact one of the Liaison Librarians noted on the "Home Page" to schedule an appointment for assistance in conducting a literature review.  We really encourage you to have a consultation with us.

Special Hints for getting started on Individual projects include:

1. Examining the role of social support in experiences of relational savoring and in novel social interactions - PsycINFO, Web of Science, Scopus, Communication Abstracts

2. Subtypes of aggression and the role of callous unemotional traits - PsycINFO, PubMed, Mental Measurements Yearbook/Tests in Print, Academic Search Complete

3. COVID Reentry - depends on what kind, by whom & where - society's reentry; back to work, to school, etc.  Academic Search Complete;

4. Police conduct & mental health outcomes in trauma-exposed, justice involved youth - Criminal Justice Abstracts Fulltext; LegalTrac; Proquest Criminal Justice periodicals Index; SSRN; PsycINFO; PubMed

5. An analysis of question and answering of child sexual abuse and commercial sexual exploitation victims in court - Criminal Justice Abstracts Fultext; LegalTrac; Proquest Criminal Justice periodicals Index; SSRN; PsycINFO; PubMed

6. Art as a weapon of war: Cultural genocide in Armenia - Visual History Archive collection of Armenian Film; Historical Abstracts; Art & Architecture Source; JSTOR;

7. Theme Analysis of individuals' experience within the punk and heavy metal mosh pitas it relates to their socioeconomic status - Academic Search Complete; Music Periodicals; PsycINFO; Business Source Complete

8. The High Price of Low Quality: The consequences of unethical clothing production - Business Source Complete; Economic Working Papers (NBER);  SSRN; Philosophy Compass; Web of Science

9. The disproportionate effects of Title IX Procedures on survivors identifying as Womxn of Color - Newspapers; Business Source Complete; Policy Commons; UCLS

10. Group ABA Therapy to improve school readiness for children with autism spectrum disorders - Education Fulltext; PsycINFO; PubMed; ERIC

11. Fractured foundations: A preliminary integration of moral injury and moral foundations theory - Web of Science; Scopus; Philosophy Commons; SSRN; Policy Commons

12. Asia American Ethnic Discrimination - in relation to police perceptions - Criminal Justice Abstracts Fulltext; Proquest Criminal Justice Periodicals Index; Sociological Abstracts; UCLS;

13. To protect or serve: Identifying shifts in trust towards law enforcement in communities of color - Criminal Justice Abstracts Fulltext; Web of Science; Sociological Abstracts

14. Impact of negative media portrayals on public conceptions of sex workers as victims of sexual violence - Academic Search Complete; Contemporary Women's Issues

15. Hysteria to histrionic: Role of misogyny in the diagnosis of mental disorders in women - PsycINFO; PubMed; Contemporary Women's Issues; Family and Society Studies Worldwide; SSRN

16. The entertainment effect on the criminal justice system - Business Source Complete; Criminal Justice Abstracts Fulltext; LegalTrac; Web of Science; PsycINFO

17. Development case study: Why Thailand should consider capital relocation - PAIS; Factiva; World Political Science Abstracts; Newspapers; Policy Commons

18. Examining associations among cognitive flexibility, rumination and psychiatric illness - PsycINFO; PubMed; CINAHL; Scopus

19. Does attachment style decrease the risk for negative outcomes such a slower parenting competence & more parenting stress of NICU infants - PubMed; CINAHL; PsycINFO

20, Associations among family emotional involvement and criticism, social support, race and positive psychosis-spectrum symptoms: A comparative study of Asian and White youth - Family and Society Studies Worldwide; PsycINFO; Scopus; PubMed