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Social Ecology Undergraduate Honors Research - SE 190A - 2023-24

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Reference Works

A wide range of information products contain information for you to explore.  Each library has extensive reference works - increasingly they are available electronically but there are valuable resources in the print collections that do not circulate and tend to contain data or point you to other information resources. The Library Research Guides are a source of departure as they are generalized by subject area.   Reference works typically reflect dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, handbooks, biographical information, quotations, chronologies,  statistics and data, review literature, atlases, directories, etc.  You may find additional information in some of these products:

Quick Reference - mostly general sources, that provide factual information




eReference - Finding background information & links to additional sources

Data & Research Methods Resources

You may want to consider using specialized resources to handle your data, whether it be observational, field, human-subject experiences or any other kind with learning how to manage it.  The following materials introduce you to many options.