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Resources in Sociology and interdisciplinary areas to start your research

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Academics on Related Racial Issue

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UCI Libraries - ReWatching History: Uncovering Diversity in our Past contains themed streaming media options to learn more about this topic. Also see our diversity statement and access the various collections.


Societal Issues involving race and gender can make us uncomfortable and can be hard to understand, analyze, and explain.

What are the domino effects that have led to this situation? Many reasons might include manifest destiny, colonialism, along with self-righteousness, power, money, greed, capitalism and other commandeering actions. There is likely a pervasive propaganda mechanism within each society that allows for manipulative behavior throughout history. How was it structured? Unfounded and wrong-footed in hindsight, many past decisions create enduring ripples and ridges in society, growing deeper, and today we take for granted as the correct form of society, when it is not, and was not. 

How to research these societal themes: Research the social and political balance over time. Who had the power and who markedly did not? Research the social pressures and trade in that part of the world - climate, culture, natural resources. Research the cultural museums, libraries and archives in the region and the data they've collected - what did the community find important rather than the textbooks? What history was saved and who's did not survive the test of time? Research the population growth and expansion, or lack thereof. What culture thrived and why?

Indigenous Awareness

UCI is on located on traditionally shared territory of the Acjachemen and Tongva peoples.

Native Land Acknowledgements: and

Asian Hate

UCI Libraries OC&SEAA Center (bottom of the Gateway Plaza) and their projects promote the history and diaspora of South East Asian Communities through instruction, oral histories, internships and more. 

Review their amazing work and collections today! Get involved, find a mentor, and add to the community. 

(Sometimes other's do it better - please see these great resource collections from other Universities)

Addressing Racism Against Asian Americans - an Exhibit Resource List from UC Davis

Stop Asian Hate: Anti-Racism & Cultural Awareness - general information and research sources from CSUSM that raise awareness of racial, cultural, and social issues impacting  Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) communities, particularly in light of the recent spate of hate crimes during the era of Covid-19


Racial Injustice

Civil Rights Era & MLK Jr. 

Racism & Discrimination

Extremism and Hate