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Sociology: Find Data

Resources in Sociology and interdisciplinary areas to start your research

Statistical Abstract

Voting Data

Data Sources by Topic: Education

Data Sources by Topic: Health

Data Sources by Topic: Political Involvement

 New Free Survey Tool 

Research Data Management Guide


Google Dataset Search

Google Data Search

Open Data Sources

Key Census Data Sites

"Your source for population, housing, economic, and geographic information."  Use American FactFinder to discover data from key Census surveys, including the American Community Survey, the Decennial Census, the Economic Survey, to name but a few.  A complete list of Census surveys discoverable in American FactFinder is available here


"Open government data is important because the more accessible, discoverable, and usable data is the more impact it can have..." 

Key Data Sites

Data Management Plans (DMPs)

"A data management plan (DMP) is a document that describes how you will treat your data during a project and what happens with the data after the project ends..." Michener, W. K. (2015). Ten Simple Rules for Creating a Good Data Management Plan. PLoS Comput Biol, 11(10), e1004525.


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