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Technology can make our lives betters, at the same time it can also lead us astray, or be hard to understand (cookies for what?).

It is annoying to be on the lookout constantly to determine whether the approaching technology is good or bad for us. Scientists and psychologist have plenty to say, but much of the long term effects are not available since digital natives are barely in their 30's. What we can be is vigilant, pay attention, and choose when and where we place our digital footprint, and choose what we believe to be true. Whether we read the news online, jump around social media sites, or simple use Google - there are steps we can take to learn more our privacy, data, and identity online.

How to research these technological themes: Research the tech behind the tech, what's layered? Research the social media exploits, are influencers just profit? Research the fact-checking sites, who owns them? Research the link or technology with other nations, what's competitive? Research the founders of tech, what was the original goal of the technology, and then what was it made to do to add market value. Research cyber crime, bitcoin, and the dark web. You can take your topic and detail the problem, but from what circumstances did it arrive? 

Photography & DeepFakes

GAO Tech Spotlight: DeepFakes:

Bill Introduced in the House -- H.R.3600 - Deepfakes Report Act of 2019 -- 116th Congress (2019-2020): This bill requires the Science and Technology Directorate in the Department of Homeland Security to report at specified intervals on the state of digital content forgery technology. Digital content forgery is the use of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, to fabricate or manipulate audio, visual, or text content with the intent to mislead:

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