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Misinformation - Get the Facts

A Quick Reference Guide on Information Consumption; Tools to Encourage Individual Agency

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Over the last decade, the divisions, political upheaval, and a pandemic have cumulatively brought disinformation to the forefront of our everyday research. Whether you are checking on the local news or national political agenda we now find ourselves evaluating the myriad of information set before us in the classroom, the web, and our phone apps

Review the scholarly literature to learn more about misinformation in the general discourse or check out more topical sections below.

[Astroturfing & John Oliver]

Social Media

Diffusion of disinformation: How social media users respond to fake news and why 



Emotions, Partisanship, and Misperceptions: How Anger and Anxiety Moderate the Effect of Partisan Bias on Susceptibility to Political Misinformation 



Mapping Recent Development in Scholarship on Fake News and Misinformation, 2008 to 2017: Disciplinary Contribution, Topics, and Impact 


Social Justice - Critical Race Theory

Identity propaganda: Racial narratives and disinformation 


Ukraine War tie-in: 2021 article

Forensic conflict studies: Making sense of war in the social media age 

See the COVID-19 Misinformation page for Health related scholarly resources.