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Misinformation - Get the Facts

A Quick Reference Guide on Information Consumption; Tools to Encourage Individual Agency

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CoVid19 Real World Examples

Harmful Facebook groups continue to promote Ivermectin against FDA warning

Fact-checking via Bleach as cure for Coronavirus in Washington Post


Online misinformation via Bleach as cure for Coronavirus in Newsweek

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The United Nations talk about the "infodemic" that coincides with diseases; a mix of information and epidemic the word implies the craze of misinformation and mischief that arise around the transmission of information at the time of need. 


If information is empowering, then disinformation is disempowering. Access to verifiable, reliable information makes the right to freedom of expression meaningful.

Coronavirus Scams

Official Websites of the United States government:

Health and CoVid Focused Literature

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