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Ask A Librarian

Mobile Access Optimized @ UCI

Increasingly many of our licensed library resources are available via mobile devices - this link will tell you what is available and on what platform.  


Materials Science at UCI focuses on the development of new materials and new applications for materials in engineering.  Collections include coverage of nanomaterias, nanostructures, nanoelectronics, nanodevices, nanocharacterization, packaging materials, materials for advanced energy and fuel cells, biocompatible materials, soft and smart materials, electronic and photonic materials, hybrid materials and multifunctional materials.  The materials may include polymers, ceramics, glass, metals, alloys, synthetics, concrete, etc.  There is a wide range of information products to support the study of materials science and its many applications in product development and other defined areas.  Significant growth in the collections for crystallography and crystal structures is most prominent.

Copying/Printing at the Libraries

Beginning in Fall, 2008 the UCI PhotoID will serve as your copy card for copying and xeroxing.  It requires that money be added to it by inserting it in one of the Regenerator machines found throughout the UCI Libraries.  Enter a few dollars at a time and add to it when it is depleted.  Costs will be debited at the rate of 8 cents per copy or xerox made; 12 cents per page of printing.

Evaluating Information

When using Online or Internet Resources, consider Search Engines vs. metasites - evaluate resource - consider domain - .edu, .com, .gov, .org, etc.

Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources - or Evaluation Techniques for Internet Resources

  1. Authority control - authorship - who, affiliation, where
  2. Currency - note the date, the update, does it reflect the right period of time
  3. Evaluate the source - establish criteria that is meaningful to covering the topic
  4. Citing Internet resources - URL & date of the search
  5. Capturing and citing
  6. Copying

Liaison Librarian

Julia Gelfand's picture
Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Library Hours during Academic Year 2019-20

During Winter Quarter, UCI Libraries will have the following Hours.

Monday-Thursday from 8am-11pm

Friday from 8am-6pm

Saturday from 1-5pm - no librarian on duty

Sunday from 1-9pm

Please note that the Science Library will be experiencing major renovation during this quarter.  Apologies for any noise or inconvenience.

Use Study Space Locator to reserve space for group meetings or study rooms.

Gateway Commons will be open Monday-Thursday 8am-3am; Friday from 8am-9pm; Saturday from 5-9pm; Sunday from 5pm - 3am.

The Reference Desk is open only at the Langson Library.  There is no Reference Service at the Science Library. Please contact me with any questions at

All Libraries will be closed Monday,  January 20 for MLK Holiday and Monday, February 18 for President's Day.

If you are leaving the libraries or walking around the campus alone after dark, please contact Campus Safety Escorts at 949-824-7233 for a free ride to any campus residence hall, parking lot or nearby apartment complex.