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Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

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Dictionaries, encyclopedias... & other finding aids for Material Science & Engineering
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Retirement of SciFinder "Classic" - December 31, 2022

  • On December 31, 2022, the SciFinder “classic” interface will be retired for the University of California system. Going forward, we will only have access to SciFinder-n (or SciFindern,

  • Registered SciFinder users should expect to see several emails between now and the end of December reminding you of the change.
  • If you are already using SciFinder-n, there’s nothing you need to do.
  • If you are still using SciFinder “classic,” I do encourage you to begin using SciFinder-n. It’s the same username and password for both systems. If you have the old URL bookmarked, it will redirect to SciFinder-n after December 31.
    • To migrate your saved searches and alerts, login to SciFinder-n, go to Saved and Alerts, then Migrate Alerts & Saved Results. There is more information about migration exceptions within the SciFinder-n help menu (link).
  • CAS has created some good training videos on SciFinder-n ( There are also some upcoming webinars, and I can offer training to classes, research groups, and individuals.

Updated: Mitchell Brown (June 16, 2022)   contact at

SciFinder Scholar

What is SciFinder Scholar?
SciFinder Scholar Tutorial
A series of tutorials for searching SciFinder Scholar (SFS) provide hands-on practice using SciFinder Scholar to locate information to answer questions commonly encountered in General chemistry, Biology, and Chemical Engineering courses.
Who May Use Scifinder Scholar?
Access to SciFinder Scholar is available to University of California faculty, students, and staff only.

In accordance with the California Digital Library's licensing agreement with Chemical Abstracts Service, access to SciFinder Scholar is available to University of California faculty, students, and staff only. Up to 28 users may access SciFinder Scholar at a time throughout the UC system. Please logout of SciFinder Scholar when you are done to allow access by other users.
How to get the software to access SciFinder Scholar?
SciFinder Scholar client software must be installed on your computer in order to use the SciFinder Scholar database. The client software has already been installed on the Science Library computers mentioned below. Do not attempt to download the software in the Library. To install the client software on a computer outside the Library, follow the instructions provided by the California Digital Library. You must consent to the user agreement for the Windows or Macintosh version first.
How do I access Scifinder Scholar from within or outside of the UC Irvine Libraries?
How to configure software VPN for off-campus use.
  • Access within the UC Irvine Libraries
    SciFinder Scholar is available to University of California faculty, students, and staff in the UC Irvine Science Library at the following locations:

    The Reference Room on 2nd Floor, public access computers (PCs only). Please ask at the Langson Library Reference Desk and show your University of California ID to a staff member who will click on the SciFinder icon on the computer desktop and enter a password. During hours when the Langson Library Reference Desk is not open, UCI faculty, students, and staff may use SciFinder in the Interactive Learning Center.

    The Interactive Learning Center (ILC), 1st Floor (PCs and Macs are available). UCI faculty, students, and staff may use ILC computers during all hours the Science Library is open. On the computer desktop, go to the Start Menu, scroll up to Programs and click on SciFinder Scholar.
  • Access from outside the UC Irvine Libraries
    SciFinder Scholar is also available to UCI faculty, students, and staff outside the UC Irvine Libraries. You must install the client software on your computer first using instructions provided by the California Digital Library. Please read carefully the Chemical Abstracts User Agreement for SciFinder Scholar, required before downloading client software for Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

    SciFinder Scholar can be accessed from a computer connected to the campus network, or via VPN Client Software. SciFinder Scholar is not available through the UCI WebVPN service.
How to install software to access SciFinder Scholar/Chemical Abstracts?
Client software limited to affiliated UC Irivne users.
  • SciFinder Scholar (Download the latest Software Clients) UCI access only
    SciFinder Scholar requires client software for either Apple Macintosh or MS Windows. This software provides simple point and click access to the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) databases including Chemical Abstracts, Registry, CASREACT, CHEMCATS, CHEMLIST, MEDLINE and OLD MEDLINE databases.
Troubleshooting common problems installing SciFinder Scholar
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) is unable to establish a session usually when the "site.prf" file is not installed in the same folder as the SciFinder Scholar file, or the "site.prf" file may have been downloaded and installed correctly, but it has not been expanded. There are two files which need to be downloaded. Take a look again at the download instructions on the SciFinder Scholar webpage.