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Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

The CAM subject guide provides links to Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine resources available through the UCI Libraries.

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Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Mobile App

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database Mobile App

Use the app to....

·        Search for unbiased, evidence-based information: Find detailed information on natural ingredients, alternative therapies, commerical products, ratings, interactions, CE, and more.
Determine if any natural medicines or treatments are effective for treating a disease or condition by using the Effectiveness Checker.

·        Check for harmful interactions between conventional drugs and natural medicines by using the Interactive Checker.

·        Find out if a drug causes nutrient depletions and if a supplement is recommended by using the Nutrition Depletion Checker.

To use Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD) on your mobile device, you must create a CE ID from the NMCD website.  Note: You must access NMCD via VPN or at any of the UCI locations (campus or UCIMC):

1.      Go to the Grunigen Medical Library ( and click on More Resources.

2.      In the Core Resources page (, select Natural Medicines

3.      Select “I Don’t Have a CE ID#” located in the right column of the page inside a yellow square box.

4.      Complete the form and click the Continue button to proceed with the registration.

5.      When the registration is finalized, the page returns with a CE ID# on the screen.

6.      Use your mobile device to download the App from Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad or from Google play for Android.  In the App store, type in Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database.

Open the App and log in with your CE ID#.  (Note: You do not need to enter an email address or password.)