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eBook Collections

This guide provides a introduction on how to find ebooks at UCI Libraries.

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EBSCO ebooks

EBSCO eBooks is a platform that offers access to thousands of the UCI Libraries' eBook collections.

EBSCO ebook troubleshooting

This guide provides helpful information on searching, downloading, printing EBSCO eBooks.

EBSCO specifications

Do I need to login? No, if you are accessing EBSCO ebooks online from campus. If you are off-campus, you will need to be logged in to the VPN.
Instructions for reading online See Guide. Watch the tutorial, Reading eBooks.

See Guide. You will need Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) - click here to download this software.
You will also need to create a MY EBSCOhost account. Click "Sign in" in the toolbar and then "create a new account."
You can select between 1-7 days for download duration.

Note: we have run into issues with Adobe Digital Editions on public computers in the library. Follow these steps: 1) Click "Help", 2) "Erase Authorization", 3)"Help", 4) "Authorize Computer", 5) Check "I want to authorize my computer without an ID."

EBSCO now offers EBSCO Mobile App for those that want to download a book to a mobile device without using Adobe Digital Editions.

e-Readers See "Supported Devices and Apps, "How can I download and read eBooks on my mobile device?, and watch the tutorial  Downloading eBooks to Mobile Devices.
Format PDF or EPUB
Allows multiple concurrent users Yes, though each book has different restrictions. Some books are unlimited simultaneous use; others are limited to 1 or 3-uses at a time. The UC Library Search record for the book usually includes if access is limited. Under "View Online" there will be a link to the book and the phrase, "Access limited to 1 simultaneous user. Try again later if refused." If this phrase isn't there, most likely the book has unlimited access.
Printing/Copying See Guide. Depending on publisher-specific limits, up to 100 pages of an EBSCO eBook can be printed, saved, or emailed as a PDF file during the check out period. Some titles might not allow any printing. More info here.
My Notes When logged in to your EBSCO account, you can take notes. Look for "My Notes" in the upper left corner.
Citing EBSCO eBooks See Guide
Browser Requirements Minimum Browser Requirements
Is there an app? Yes. See the Quick Start Guide.