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eBook Collections: eBooks FAQ


eBooks FAQs

Can I use an eReader or Tablet to read UC Irvine Library eBooks?

Using a UC Irvine Library eBook on your device depends on a number of factors. 

  • What format is the eBook available in?  Is it .TXT, .PDF or ePub.  Also be aware of what you can download; is it a chapter, a selection, or the whole book.
  • What format(s) does your device accept? 
  • What does the aggregator, vendor, or publisher allow on their platform?
  • If the book isn't in the correct format for your device, can it be converted using one of the eBook conversion applications that are available? 
  • Does the publisher allow for downloading?

If the eBook is in the correct format (or can be converted to the correct format) for your device then there is a good chance that you will be able to transfer it to your device.  Check your user guide for more information. 

Can I use eBooks when I'm not on campus?

Yes. First you need to Connect from Off-Campus by logging in with your UCINetID and password. Then follow the instructions on the How to Find eBooks tab or use the other tabs provided on this guide to search eBook collections within a particular discipline.