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eBook Collections

This guide provides a introduction on how to find ebooks at UCI Libraries.

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ProQuest Ebook Central

Ebook Central from ProQuest is a platform that offers access to thousands of the UCI Libraries' eBook collections.

Ebook Central (formerly EBL) Troubleshooting

This guide provides helpful information on searching, downloading, printing Ebook Central material.

Ebook Central (formerly EBL) Specifications

Ebook Central Login Page
Login      Campus affiliates use UCInetID/Password. Guests on campus can access via guest login.
Read Online See Guide.
Download / Read Offline 

See Guide. If you are using a laptop or desktop, you need Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).
When downloading, you will have access to the book for 14-days.

Note: we have run into issues with Adobe Digital Editions on library computers. Follow these steps: 1) Click "Help", 2) "Erase Authorization", 3)"Help", 4) "Authorize Computer", 5) Check "I want to authorize my computer without an ID."

Format PDF
Allows multiple concurrent users Yes though each book has different restrictions. Some are unlimited simultaneous use, others limited to 3 or 1 user at a time.
Printing See Guide. Look for #7 Printing.
Copy and Paste See Guide. Look for #6 Copying.
Reader Requirements Enable cookies and Javascript on your browser
Notes Feature See Guide. Scroll to the box called "Highlights, Notes, and Bookmarks"
Highlighting    See Guide. Scroll to the box called "Highlights, Notes, and Bookmarks"
Accessibility See Guide
Searching    See Guide
Browsers Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, and Safari
Create your own bookshelf See Guide. This allows you to see your browse history, books checked out, and create personal collections.