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Engineering 190W - Spring 2021 - Harnick-Shapiro Section: Conducting Research


Getting Started

There are Subject Guides that may be helpful to consult - there is one corresponding to each academic department in the Samueli School of Engineering and the Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences and for all other academic units and subject areas such as Biology or Medicine or Environmental Sciences prepared by other librarians.  Many of you may find the Business literature helpful and it is suggested that you consider using the Subject Guide for Business and seeking news topics it will be useful to visit the News & Newspaper Guide. These may provide more relevant and advanced content. 

Finding Books


  • Online Catalogs:
    • Library Search – UC Irvine Libraries holdings (Langson Library – LL), Science Library (SL), and Grunigen Medical Library (GML) - note format - can search by keyword; records at source level
    • MELVYL  – MELVYL is the online catalog for all 10 UC campuses & the two Storage Facilities. It is more of a discovery tool as it shows output for not only books and journal titles, but for book chapters, journal articles, media, and other formats and entries. You can set the default to the University of California Libraries but users can also choose to use the Library Worldwide holdings since MELVYL is powered by WorldCat. For assistance in how to optimize MELVYL, please consult the guide for MELVYL.
    • UC eLinks and Request functions can be used to determine holdings and make ILL requests.
  •           WorldCat - Global library holdings with links to UCI holdings
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings – the authority that offers the structured vocabulary for relevant output for searching & browsing Library Search & Melvyl by Subject Headings. Keyword searching may retrieve more output but may not be as relevant. Keyword also searches the author, title, source fields and elements in an abstract when searching in a database, as well as the Subject Headings.  One easy way to establish the Subject Headings is to search "Library Search" by Subject (use the Browse pull-down tabs) and then when you find a relevant book, scroll down to the list of subject headings and click on one of them and other books in the collection will be retrieved.  Corresponding classification schemes mapped to call numbers are found in this outline.

E-Books - there are an increasing number of eBooks to which you have access. The next box identifies some of the collections we have that may be relevant to support your reading and research in engineering.

  Finding eBooks

FINDING BOOKS and EBOOKS:  Regardless of the format in print or eBooks, you will search Library Holdings in Catalogs such as those mentioned in the previous box that notes the Online Public Access Catalogs (opacs) and by collections, and by individual titles or authors to locate specific books.  Some collections are publisher specific and are noted below.

E-Books - as noted there are an increasing number of eBooks to which you have access and most can be read, downloaded and copied at the chapter level. They are all listed in ANTPAC and MELVYL and Next Gen MELVYL by individual title and by series. There are many collections of such resources and the collections can be searched collectively.  * denotes that collection is restricted to UCI affiliates.

More information about eBook collections is on the eBooks Subject Guide and Guide about eBook Devices.


Use UC Library Search

Find books, government documents, maps and more ...

How to use UC Library Search? Contact Librarian

InterLibrary Loan

If we do not have the book you need or the UCI copy is not available, initiate a request for the book utilizing MELVYL REQUEST by clicking on the REQUEST icon in MELVYL or clicking through the UC eLink and selecting REQUEST.  This is also possible for journal articles that we do not have.  It is not usually possible to borrow eBooks via ILL.

Finding Videos & Streaming Media

Many sources are available that will help you find appropriate media relevant to both academic needs including documentaries and other resources.  Also available for your recreational viewing.