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Graduate Student Orientation - MURP - 2018-2019: Background & Introduction

An introduction to Library Services & Collections to support the entering masters' candidates in Urban & Regional Planning.

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Mobile Access Optimized @ UCI

Increasingly many of our licensed library resources are available via mobile devices - this link will tell you what is available and on what platform.  


Hotspotr : Find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your area with Hotspotr, a Google Maps mashup that relies entirely on user input.  As with other Wi-Fi finders, you can search for hotspots by city, ZIP code or place, then get maps, driving directions, phone numbers, etc. 

Ask A Librarian

For Chat, Text, eMail and to schedule a Research Consultation with a Librarian, use:


Ask A Librarian

Background & Introduction

There are many resources at the UCI Libraries devoted to the study of Social Ecology, an interdisciplinary and applied area of the social, behavioral sciences and environmental sciences that studies different aspects of the human condition.  The specific collection to serve the MA Program in Urban & Regional Planning (MURP) is relatively young as is the academic program here and it is focused upon the general materials, and the specific research interests and coursework that is offered at the present by faculty in the department.   The collection has grown rapidly in parallel with the program expanding its emphases, reflecting more of a public policy orientation and more faculty and students join it.  Some of the current special interests reflect strong interdisciplinary interests and include: transportation, preservation, conservation, sustainability, economics, geographical information systems (GIS), public policy, demography, urban planning and development, housing, social & developmental psychology across the lifespan, criminal justice, law and society, environmental sciences, water sciences, health psychology & promotions, poverty, international development, historical preservation and other parallel interests found throughout the School of Social Ecology and across the disciplines throughout the campus.


The UCI Library Website is your point of departure as you seek information -(  The Planning, Policy & Design Subject Guide will also direct you to many other relevant and appropriate resources.

Additional Subject Guides that may be helpful are:


For More Assistance

In addition to contacting the Liaison Librarian, you can communicate with the Library in many ways.  Ask-a-Librarian service allows you to contact the Reference Desks, engage in eMail, Chat or Text Reference, or to schedule a Research Consultation. You may also want to contact any of the Government Information Librarians at Langson Library for assistance: ; Brian Williams for GIS and US Federal and Dan Tsang for Orange County, California, and International; Dan is also the Data Librarian.

Liaison Librarian

Julia Gelfand's picture
Julia Gelfand
Office: Science Library 228

Phone: 949-824-4971


Library Buildings & Hours

You are likely to probably depend on the Langson Library (LL) for resources in business/management, social & behavioral sciences, arts, letters & literature, Government Information and to a lesser extent on the Science Library (SL) for most of your needs in the life sciences, physical sciences, information sciences, engineering & technology, clinical and health sciences, however you may on occasion have to use the and perhaps the Grunigen Medical Library (GML) for clinical and other medical resources, but you can request that those materials either be scanned (journal articles) or sent to the Main Campus for your pickup.  There is also the Gateway Study Center for all-night studying.  Consult Library Hours before visiting.


Please use the campus Safety Escorts if you leave the campus alone late at night to take you to campus housing, parking lots & close by in the neighborhood by contacting 949-824-7233