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Women and War

A guide of search strategies for and selected resources on the topic of Women and War.

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Guide editors

Melissa Beuoy, Research Librarian for Interdisciplinary Studies

Cynthia Johnson, Head of Reference

Ying Zhang, Research Librarian for Asian Studies

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How do wars impact women's lives?  Do humanitarian efforts improve women's recovery from the impact of war? This guide provides selective resources to encourage research and exploration around these questions. The guide focuses on four themes: sexual violence, trauma and healing, refugees, and women combatants. We focused on wars and conflicts post-World War II and research published after 1980. 

Ying Zhang, Research Librarian for East Asia Studies, has also created a guide specific to Korean Comfort Women.

Research Tips

Many of the resources listed through this guide (databases, books, articles, and multimedia) are accessible using the UCI Virtual Private Network (VPN) if working away from the UCI campus. Not a UCI affiliate? Please contact your local library about whether you have access to the resources of interest.

Useful databases:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Humanitarian organizations and NGOs