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Using ORCID with SciENcv to Create Your Biosketch

Using ORCID and publication indexing services to create an NSF or NIH Biosketch. This step-by-step guide will help you to link your ORCID profile to make it easier to populate your biosketch, then create and export the final biosketch.

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Videos - Supporting Information - Tutorials

You can find more information on using SciENcv at the following links: 
SciENcv Background
YouTube Video: SciENcv Tutorial (3:33)
YouTube Video: Integrating with ORCID (3:42)
SciENcv Help


To troubleshoot issues with SciENcv, you can contact the NCBI Help Desk or

If you would like additional help, you can request a research consultation to meet with a UC Irvine Librarian.

Information Credits

*Information credit to Stony Brook University Libraries' "Creating and Using Your ORCID Profile: Linking to NIH/NSF Biosketches" and NC State University Libraries "Using SciENcv to Create Your Biosketch"