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NIH Public Access Policy: SciENcv / BioSketch

Instructions and resources to help the UCI research community comply with the NIH Public Access Policy.


SciENcv Overview (

  • An application in My NCBI that helps you create online professional profiles that can be made public to share with others.
  • In SciENcv you can document your education, employment, research activities, publications, honors, and other professional contributions.
  • My NCBI users can create multiple SciENcv profiles in official biographical sketch formats for NIH, NSF, and IES (Institute of Education Sciences), which can be used for grant submissions
  • NIH eRA Commons, NSF FastLane, and ORCID account holders who have linked their accounts to NCBI can populate their SciENcv profiles with the information stored in their eRA, FastLane, or ORCID accounts.

My Bibliography / SciENcv relationship in My NCBI









source: Webinar: Create a Biosketch with SciENcv

The New NIH Biosketch

The National Institutes of Health have introduced changes to the biosketch format that will allow researchers to describe the importance of their research. The new biosketches should be submitted with grant applications on or after May 25th, 2015.  Below is the summary of Major Changes from 2015:  

  • New Heading Section
  • Limited to 5 pages, including support
  • Personal Statement + up to 4 references/products
  • List of positions and honors
  • Describe up to 5 of your most significant contributions to science, and for each of these:
    • indicate the historical background that frames the scientific problem;
    • the central finding(s);
    • the influence of the finding(s) on the progress of science or the application of those finding(s) to health or technology; and
    • your specific role in the described work.
  • Research support, including roles, and in order to relevance to the proposed project
  • You need an eRA commons username. 
  • Can include a Link to a complete list bibliography (published work). The URL link must have a .gov address.

Click here for Biosketch Format Pages, Instructions, and Samples

The required format applies to all programs (e.g., research, training, fellowship) and all types of applications (e.g., new, resubmission, revision, renewal, progress reports). Note:  Biosketches created using SciENcv conform to all the application guide instructions and format requirements, though there are slight differences from the provided samples.

NIH Fellowship Biographical Sketch

SciENcv now includes the NIH Fellowship biographical sketch which is a requirement to apply for NIH Fellowships.

This newly added biosketch format is available to download in PDF, MS Word or XML, and users are able to share their NIH Fellowship biosketches through a public URL.

Further information about the NIH Fellowship application can be found on the NIH Grants page.

The NIH Fellowship biographical sketch consists of five sections.

Creating an NIH Fellowship Biographical Sketch
There are three ways to create an NIH Fellowship biographical sketch: entering information manually, copying information from an existing SciENcv biosketch, or using an external data source to populate a biosketch. Further instruction is available at: Hutcherson L. SciENcv: NIH Fellowship Biographical Sketch. NLM Tech Bull. 2017 May-Jun;(416):e2.

NIH Biographical Sketch

What is NIH Biosketch?
A highly formatted component of a grant proposal that enables reviewers to evaluate the qualifications of the PI and scientific team that will be executing the research project.

Create a Biosketch with SciENcv

Create a Biosketch with SciENcv

This recorded 31-minute webinar was presented on July 30, 2015. NCBI's SciENcv is a platform for maintaining your CV and automatically generating the NIH Biosketch required for NIH grant applications. In this video, you will learn how to use SciENcv to maintain your scientific record and generate the new NIH Biosketch.

Quick Tips on Improving application Scores Using the New NIH Biosketch

This 18-minute video by Dr. Ruth Greenblatt, UCSF Department of Clinical Pharmacy, shares quick tips on how to improve application scores by optimizing use of the new NIH biosketch format. 

Section A - Personal Statement: 1:16
Section B - Positions and Honors: 5:10
Section C - Contributions to Science: 6:15
Frustrated by the Limit of 4 References? Utilize My Bibliography from NCBI: 10:28
Getting to MyNCBI: 12:07
UCSF Profile v. MyNCBI: 12:47
Section D - Research Support: 15:08
Using Online Resources to Generate a Biosketch - UCSF Advance & SciENcv: 15:40

How to Get Help@UCI

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