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Graduate Student Orientation - MPP - 2023-2024

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Specialized Resources

There are many different resources that will serve you in conducting research for various aspects of your course work.  The source of the data and the support for them will be found in a range of formats with accompanying finding aids to direct you in how to use the resources or data.

1. E-Books - an increasing number of eBook packages and titles are being added; See CRCNetBase for lists of subject coverage - includes ENGnetBase, EnviroNetBase, etc and many products in Medicine, Information Technology & Business and each title is also listed in Library Search; also Springer Books Online and Springer Book Series and National Academies Press

2. Conference Proceedings - a large body of literature, mostly in print covering different conferences and meetings worldwide, check in Library Search for individual conferences - specifically for EDRA (Environment Design Research Association)

3. Government Information - increasingly resources are included in Library Search at the source level (title or agency) with full-text access - but specific subject guides may also direct you for Orange County, California, US Federal and International Government Information - The Government Information print collection is located in the LL Basement, divided by Orange County (does not circulate); California, US Federal (in SuDocs classification) with the exception that International is distributed throughout the collections.  Census and demographic data for CA and US is abundant.  Microforms have been moved to Science Library.

4. Maps/Atlases/Spatial Information & Cartographic Content - use the GIS and Maps & Atlases & Aerial Photography Subject Guide

5. Data Archives - from public opinion, social science indicators, consumer behavior, census and demographic data, etc is abundantly available - see the Social Science Data Subject Guide

6. News - use the Subject Guide for News & Newspapers

7. Trade & Industry publications - consult Factiva and Business Source Complete and other resources listed on the Business Subject Guide

8. Medical Resources - the clinical collection is at the Grunigen Medical Library but the Science Library has the largest medical collection.  Please consult the Medical Subject Guide

9. Emphasis on Image Literacy and Visual Literacy - consult these Subject Guides

10. Research Impact and Citation Metrics - includes many analytical tools such as ISI Journal Citation Reports (JCR) for Science and Social Sciences - online from 1999 but tables include additional years of data through the most recent year and new altmetrics that use social media to share research and assess impact

11. BUSINESS RESOURCES - There are many resources that contain information about business and entrepreneurial strategies in all product development areas.  The marketing trends, business cycles and company information, business news and investment opportunities are noted on the Business Subject Guide.

Bibliographic Management Software

BIBLIOGRAPHIC MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE - allows you to discover, find, manage, recall and apply the citations you retrieve from all formats of work - journal articles, book chapters, edited volumes, standards, specifications, patents, conference papers & proceedings, lectures, etc. Neither Zotero nor EndNote support BibTeX or LaTeX, only the usual wordprocessing languages or Legal Style Manual.  For additional information, please visit the Bibliographic Management Software page.