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Graduate Student Orientation - MPP - 2023-2024

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LC Classification Ranges for Planning & Public Policy

Most of your research will be conducted with resources at the Langson Library (LL) which contains the collections for social & behavioral sciences, policy science, arts, literature, business/management, government publications.  The Science Library (SL) supports the physical sciences, life sciences, environmental sciences, medicine, information sciences, and engineering/technology.  Most of the planning literature is at the Langson Library however there are some relevant materials at SL - the following breakdown of call numbers and locations will allow you to browse physically and via Library Search: (unless noted at LL).  A full definition of the LCSH is at

            GE1-350 - Environmental Policy/Environmental Sciences - at SL

            H 97 - General Social Sciences, Public Policy

            HB 171 - Public economics

            HC - Economics

            HE 305-311 - Urban transportation

            HG 451-1496 - Finance (by country)

            HJ 9-9940 - Public finance

            HJ 141 - Public taxation

            HT51-1595 Communities. Classes. Races

            HT101-395 Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology

            HT165.5-169.9 City planning   

            HT170-178 Urban renewal. Urban redevelopment

            HT201-221 City population - Including children in cities, immigration

            HT330-334 Metropolitan areas

            HT388 Regional economics. Space in economics

            HT 390-395 Regional planning

            JA - Political science

            JA51 - Public management

            JC - Political theory

            JJ 1000-1019 - Political institutions and public administration (globally)

            JK1-9993 Public institutions and public administration - US

            JK 270-279 - United States Politics and Government

            JQ 224 - Public policy and administration

            JS - Local government

            JV 6201-6347 -Immigration

            JZ - International relations

            KF 3581-3598 - Environmental law