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UCI Libraries wants to help you discover, learn about, and celebrate people and ideas that history has overlooked because of the color of their skin, gender identity, or sexual orientation. This series, ReWatching History: Uncovering Diversity in Our Past, will point to streaming videos already in our collection that you can watch anytime.

This page focuses on OBSTACLES. These are the barriers that are embedded in our society and various disciplines preventing people from advancing or being recognized for their accomplishment. Learn about the fashion great, Andre Leon Tally, who overcame many obstacles in life to become one of the greatest fashion icons. Or learn more about how the landmark court case Loving v. Virginia legalized interracial marriage in the USA. Or the work of the great environmentalist Rachel Carson, who continued to work to make the environment healthier and helped mainstream society better understand how are actions have consequences. We hope that you enjoy discovering more about these obstacles!

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