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Social Media for Research and Scholarly Communication: Tools


Social Media Aggregators

Use an aggregator : Given the differences in the numerous social media sites, many people use more than one. And, if you decide to have both personal and professional accounts on these sites you can double the number you are managing.  Using a program like HootSuite or TweetDeck to combine all your accounts in one place can make managing multiple sites much easier!

Social Media Curation Tools

Create and share a curated selection of your social media posts or posts by others about your work, event, etc.

  • Tweet Library - Download your tweets and file them into sub-collections.  Create lists of tweets and share them via Tweet Library or Storify
  • Storify - Search for social media mentions of your work or events and arrange them selectively, with descriptive text, into a blog-like list to share.  Searches most social media sites and can accept links to any web sources.
  • Lentil - Collects images of you or your event posted by others on Instagram, with several options for sharing and a management tool to control what is shared and how.

Searching Social Media

Tools and Tips for finding information on various social media platforms



  • Use native Twitter search
  • Search Google and add "" to your search
  • Topsy - Search last 30 days of Tweets for free or pay to access entire Twitter database


  • Facebook Graph Search - native Facebook search tool allows some boolean filtering

Search multiple social media sources

Searching Social Media