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Social Media for Research and Scholarly Communication

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Online Presence

We all have networks.  Social media networks provide a relatively inexpensive and effective means to share and promote our work as well as to keep up with the work of our colleagues.

  • Why is it important to build your network and profile?
  • What is the impact?
  • How can you control your digital footprint?

If you blog, use twitter, linkedin or any other social networks, you can develop and control the information which is available about you. Try googling your name. What do you find - is any information inaccurate or embarrasing or does it help you build your professional reputation? You may use Facebook for your personal use, sharing photos etc with family and friends, so why not develop your professional online presence in the same way.

In this guide we highlight some of the key tools you can use to develop your online presence.

Use Social Media To....

  • Connect with other researchers and educators
  • Discover the latest research and trends
  • Collaborate with others on your research
  • Promote your research work beyond academia
  • Engage and seek feedback (peer-review)
  • Share your research in creative ways