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ORCID is an independent nonprofit organization that maintains a registry of unique identifiers, called ORCiD iDs, for researchers and scholars and those involved with research, scholarship and innovation.

Tips to Manage your ORCID ID

Make your works public. This maximizes the potential for integration of your ORCID iD into other systems, and automatic updating of databases to attach your ORCID iD to your works.

Add name variants. if you have published under other names or variations of your name, including initials, full first names, full middle names, or any name abbreviations adding these name variants will help you receive full publishing credit.  

Add personal information. Adding personal information to your ORCID record, such as a brief biographical sketch that you might already have on your webpage, LinkedIn account, education, or employment records will help distinguish your publications from others with the same name, in case your ORCID ID is unknown.


Register Once and Use Often

Use your ORCID ID when prompted in processes such as manuscript submission, grant proposals and reporting (e.g. eRA Commons).  Include your ORCID ID when prompted to by trusted systems automatically creates an exchange of your information between these systems rather than manually inputting information. This saves you time and ensures the use of quality data that you have approved and your organization has certified.

Link your ORCID ID to other services, including ResearcherIDfigshare, and your professional organizations 9or include it in your profile page).  These trusted organizations can identify your research works and associate them with your ORCiD.

Include your ORCID on conference posters generating a QR code from your ORCID record page to direct people to your works.  Use the ORCID to attract readers to your additional research publications, data and research interests.

Consider including your ORCID ID on your webpage, in social media accounts, and in your email signature.

Add Keywords to your ORCID record - words or phrases which describe your research activities. Keywords can help someone identify you, and keyword search is an option for searching the ORCID Registry

ORCID Suggested Citation

For display, ORCID recommends using the entire URL and ORCID iD logo:

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