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Native American Studies

A research guide supporting Native American Studies.

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Connect from Off Campus

Researching from home? Remote access to the UCI Libraries' licensed online resources is available to current UC Irvine students, faculty & staff. Visit our Connect from Off-Campus page for more information!

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables UCI students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials from other libraries. For material found in UC Library Search, but not available at UCI, sign in to your library account and request it from another UC Library.

For material found in WorldCat but not UC Library Seearch, submit a request using the Blank ILL Request Form, available on the UCI Interlibrary Loan website.

Ask a Librarian

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Finding Books

Quick Tip!

Since books often provide a more holistic overview and/or historical context on a topic, remember to check the Table of Contents to see if there is a useful chapter or two. While reading the whole book will deepen your knowledge on a topic, sometimes, for a research paper, you just need a bit of historical context which you might find in just one chapter. Below are two key resources to find books.


In addition to searching for books, journal articles and other types of scholarship, searching the dissertations database can be a useful strategy for more in-depth research projects. If you are starting on your doctoral research, the dissertation database can help you identify gaps in the research, find contemporary bibliographies or discussion threads on a topic, identify specific interventions in specific settings, or demonstrate how to employ a particular method.


Faculty Publications

While our faculty author all kinds of publications, here are a few books written by UCI faculty.