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African American Art and History

Arts Encyclopedias

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African-American Studies Resources

To find articles on various artists and their work, try searching in multiple library databases to get started:

 Art Journals & Magazines

Academic Art Journals you may encounter in your research:

Art Journal: A forum for scholarship and visual exploration in the visual arts.
American Art: Dedicated to exploring all aspects of the United States’ visual heritage from colonial to contemporary times. 
International Review of African American Art: Articles about the visual culture of African-descended people in the Americas.
Woman's Art Journal: A journal focused on issues related to women in all areas of the visual arts.
Black Camera: A platform for the study and documentation of the black cinematic experience in the world.

Art Magazines you may encounter in your research:

Artforum International: Artforum features in-depth articles and reviews of contemporary art.
Aperture: A magazine dedicated to the significant work in photography.
International Review of African American Art:
BOMB: Publishes conversations between artists of all disciplines since 1981.
Frieze: Publishes articles in contemporary art and culture.

These are just a few listings of various academic art journals and critical art magazines that these artists are represented in. There are many more visual arts journals and magazines. To discover more, please visit the Art Journals Research Guide page.

Exhibition Reviews: What is an exhibition review?

When searching in databases for articles, you'll likely come across articles that are exhibition reviews. While these are not peer-reviewed articles, they provide criticism and context. Exhibition reviews are an important way of creating active critical discussion, and also of building tomorrow’s art history. Art exhibition reviews serve two purposes: (1) to tell readers who haven’t seen the exhibition a little about it so they can consider going, and (2) to document and critique the activities of a city’s art world. Exhibition reviews are excellent sources for researching emerging and contemporary artists who are not yet highly represented in scholarly literature. They are also helpful to gain insight into the reception of an establish artist's work over time. Exhibition reviews are published in scholarly art journals as well as critical art magazines. To learn more, visit this page which lists more sources to look for exhibition reviews: Research Guide to Finding Exhibition Reviews.

Books on Course Reserves:

Writing Resource:

Finding More Books:

Exhibition Catalogs: A Critical Resource for Art History and Visual Arts

Many of the books you are reading for this course are called exhibition catalogs. Exhibition catalogs are a specific resource for art history literature. If you have ever visited a gallery or museum exhibition and saw a book with the show's title in the museum store for sale, that is the show's exhibition catalog. They are published to compliment a gallery or museum exhibition. Exhibition catalogs often contain valuable information into the curator's insights, with essays and critical commentary, and often a bibliography. Many of the books you are reading this quarter are exhibition catalogs! To learn more about exhibition catalogs, visit:

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