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Additional Primary Source Portals

UCI Special Collections and Archives

Tools to find primary sources in UCI's Special Collections and Archives

Digital Primary Source Collections

The most comprehensive and updated listing of the library's streaming media options are found on our Streaming Media Research Guide. 

As a student, you are not limited to the library's holdings of streaming media content for your research project. If you have access to other streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Disney+, Apple, etc., you are welcome to use films and media you find through those platforms as well. You may also use any media or film that you personally have access to in another way (e.g. Bluray, DVD, etc). 

For more information about the library's various e-book collections, visit our eBook Research Guide.

General places to look for digitized books and texts

Special Topics - also see the "Sources by Topic" tab

Also see the "Sources by Topic" tab

There are several more comprehensive guides for finding newspaper sources:

Current News (last 20 years)

Historical News 

Pulp Fiction, Sci-Fi, and Comics

Children's literature

Alchemy and the Occult

Travel, Exploration, and Colonization