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History Day 2021-2022: Visiting UCI Libraries


Visiting the Library

UCI Libraries welcomes the general public and students from other institutions, including K-12 schools. Here are some resources to help you plan a successful visit.

The UC Irvine Libraries are located in two main buildings on the UCI main campus:

  • Langson Library (Arts, Humanities, Education, Social Sciences, Social Ecology, Business/Management)
  • Science Library (Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Information and Computer Sciences, Health Sciences)

Both have computers with online access to our licensed databases and other online resources as well as the Internet in general.

Before You Visit:  Do We Have What You Need?

The UC Irvine Libraries have the largest collections in Orange County, developed for the research and instructional needs of the UC Irvine faculty, students and staff.  Public libraries in California have built collections and services for their constituencies.  They offer free borrowing cards and free parking. 

The librarians at your local public library can help you find information and resources in their collections.  After checking with your local public library, it's a good idea to check UC Library Search and research guides before making the trip to UCI.  We also strongly recommend that you contact a librarian about your specific needs and interests.

Getting a Library Card (for non-UCI affiliates)

In order to check books out of the library, you will need a library card. There are three categories that you may fall into:

  1. UCI student, faculty, or staff. Your UCI PhotoID card is your library card.
  2. Designated affiliate with UCI. This includes the following (see here for the full list):
    • Students/faculty/staff at another UC campus, or retirees.
    • Immediate family members of faculty and staff from any UC who reside in the same address
    • Current faculty or librarians from other colleges and universities in California
    • Certificated K-12 employees in the greater Southern California area
  3. Non-affiliates

If you are a non-affiliate, you may purchase a temporary, 12-month access card. The standard fee is $80. See here for more information.

Wifi in the Library

UCI Libraries provides wireless network access to the Internet for all visitors. Access is provided as part of UCINet Mobile Access Service

Visitors will need to:

  1. Have a laptop or mobile device with Wi-Fi (802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n) capabilities either built-in or via an accessory card
  2. Determine the MAC address (usually on the back of the wireless card)
  3. Be in a location that is a designated WiFi Zone (see
  4. Go to one of the UCInet Mobile Access locations.
  5. Make sure your wireless card is active and connect to UCInet Mobile Access.
  6. Open your Web browser and try to connect to any Web page.
  7. You will be directed to our Express Registration web page.
    • Visitors, click the Register as a Visitor of UCI link.
      1. Read the Visitor agreement and fill in the Web form with your name, email address and reason for visiting the campus.
      2. Click the Submit button

For more information please see