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Background & Scope

General Science corresponds to the "generalities" range of broad science disciplines such as in the Life and Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Environmental Sciences, Information & Computer Sciences, Health Sciences and the related policy sciences.  It also includes the interdisciplinary intersections and the specific subject areas such as Chemistry, Physics, Cosmology, Hydrology, etc.  In other words, think broadly to use this subject guide most effectively.  It is defined by contemporary interest, current attention by local to global events and related media.  The tabs correspond to the kind of themes and resources.  

This Subject Guide is a strong concentration of free content that is either open source, open access, open domain or just put out there for consumption by all who want to use it.  In some cases not everything is free, but most parts of the site are and thus the resource is included.

The following subject guides will provide additional support and include a variety of links to licensed and more specialized content and should be consulted by UCI affiliat


Evaluating Information

When using Online or Internet Resources, consider Search Engines vs. metasites - evaluate resource - consider domain - .edu, .com, .gov, .org, etc.

Thinking Critically about World Wide Web Resources - or Evaluation Techniques for Internet Resources

  1. Authority control - authorship - who, affiliation, where
  2. Currency - note the date, the update, does it reflect the right period of time
  3. Evaluate the source - establish criteria that is meaningful to covering the topic
  4. Citing Internet resources - URL & date of the search
  5. Capturing and citing
  6. Copying

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