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A guide compiling resources to support education-related research at UCI. This guide focuses on the U.S. education system.

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Reference Resources

Some key terms in testing and measurement: bias, checklist, scaling, instrument, battery, survey, coding, item, items, inventory, inventories, scoring, reliability, validity, weighting, etc.

Important Terminology

  • Published tests and measures are available directly from commercial publishers for a fee and typically are accessible only to qualified/certified professionals.
  • Unpublished tests and measures are not sold through a publisher and sometimes are available in journal articles, dissertations, other types of research-based literature, or online.

Finding Tests

Some databases index tests in some way. These databases can provide information about tests, including:

  • Where a test appears or was used in a journal article or research study;
  • Review information for a given test, including reliability and validity of the test;
  • Where to purchase a published test.

Tests & measurement

Tests are NOT purchased by UC Irvine. Many tests are copyrighted, and permission from the copyright holder may be needed before administering these tests.