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Critical Theory

Information resources for the UCI community interested in the field of critical theory.

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Richard Cho
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Recognizing the Biases in Academic Scholarship

In order to critically engage with scholarly discourse, researchers need to be aware of the inherent problems within the system of academic scholarship. Those problems could be anything from standards set by white hegemonic systems to subject terms with implicit biases. By acknowledging these inherent problems, all scholars can participate in improving the academic and public discourse.

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This is a digital book display showcasing various ebooks we have on the topics of critical theor. By clicking on the book cover, you will be taken to the ebook in our library system.

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Link to the Journal Critical Times

Critical Times is a peer-reviewed, open access online journal that seeks to foreground encounters between canonical critical theory and various traditions of critique emerging from other historical legacies, seeking to present the multiple forms that critical thought takes today. We publish essays from different regions of the world in order to foster new paths of intellectual exchange and reformulate the field by accounting for its regional and linguistic inflections.

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