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Need another style manual? Try one of these!

CSE - Scientific Style and Format (8th Edition)

Also called SSF Style, CSE style is named for the Council of Science Editors, who have revised the style in accordance to what is popular in scientific publishing. CSE Style is divided into 3 systems: 

1) Citation-Sequence

2) Name-Year

3) Citation-Name

The complete text of the CSE Manual can be accessed online if you are logged into the VPN.

ASA - American Sociological Association

ASA style closely the Author-Date System outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style.

More detailed information about ASA citation style can be found on this guide by the University of Nebraska-Kearney.

IEEE - Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers

IEEE citation style uses bracketed numbers in in-text citations to refer to the full reference at the end of the paper. This citation style is primarily used in electronics, computer engineering, and information technology reports.

ACM - Association for Computing Machinery

ACM provides guidance on formatting references using BibTeX. The ACM website provides templates for articles published using this style.

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